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From Stress to Freedom and Beyond

Effective Methodologies for Dissolving Stress and Transforming Lives



The Story

Hi, My name is Hoover.  I had gone through many stress cycles.  I suffered severe back pain, headaches, and insomnia for years.  From the deepest trench, I learned to crawl back out. I read everything I could on the topic, through extensive trial and error and relentless effort, I was able to pull myself up.

I have learned profound methodologies to dissolve stress in minutes, turn jittering thoughts into calmness, clear dysfunctional emotional patterns, and boosting brain functions in a very short time.  These methods were proven time and time again with great successes on my friends, students, and co-workers.

I am so eager to share these wonderful methodologies with more people.  They really work wonders.   You could sign up the class at Redwood City Community Center, or contact me for a private one-on-one session or book a speaking event.  Looking forward to sharing these wonderful technologies with you. Cheers.


From Stress to Freedom

Join us for a fun and informative session. This class provides new and exciting material for you to transform your life.

The Core Source

Stress comes in many forms (work, relationship, finance, health, etc) but they all have one common source.   If we could take care of this one thing, we'll be able to handle different stressors in life. We will talk about how to address this core source of stress.  This is one of the fastest ways to significantly reduce stress.


This class provides you fundamental skills that put you in the stress-free-zone and how to stay in the zone. Our minds are like monkeys that won’t stop making noise.  We’ll learn some great ways to turn these jittering thoughts into calmness.

Clearing Dysfunctional Emotions

When our ‘buttons’ are pushed, we’ll quickly get upset or stressed out.  Anger, fear, frustrations, guilt, and even background discontentment are plaguing our lives. We’ll teach a great technique to clear these ‘emotional buttons’ in minutes.  Everyone walking out the class is expected to reduce their cortisol (stress hormone) level a few notches.


and Beyond...

The Power of your mind is way beyond what you can imagine.  Find out how you can tap into the expanded potential. Some of the following topics will be covered in class or private sessions.

Brain Sketch

Enhancing Brain Fuction

Want to learn a scientifically proven method to enhance your brain function? Learn this amazing technology that could enhance your left-right brain communication in as little as 25minutes.  You will feel more sharp, better mental clarity, more motivation, and more positive.  This topic, if requested, will be covered in the private sessions.

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Effective weight loss

You probably know that 'eating less and exercising more' don't work for permanent weight loss. We'll offer some effective methods to lose 7pounds (or more) in 3 weeks without eating less and exercising more.


Resolving Conflicts

Conflicts with your spouse, kids, or colleagues?  During our one-on-one session, we will work with you to resolve conflicts. We could dive into specific situations and establish ways to dissolve drama and improve relationship.

Glowing Keyboard

Quantum Physics

Quantum Physics is the most accurate science of all time.  Your cell phones, computers, and most of all the technologies that we use every day are based on quantum physics.  Find out what this science had discovered about the power of our minds. And most importantly, how we could make use of this knowledge to benefit our everyday life.



Your biology is not controlled by your genes. Find out how you could change your biology and improve your health.

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Personal Effectiveness

In our one-on-one session, we could tailor to your needs to establish personal effectiveness coaching -- setting exciting goals and execution strategies.

smoke coming from cigar

To quit smoking

Want to quit smoking for good? You know that just using 'will power' doesn't work. We could help you quit smoking effectively without pain.  Your urge to smoke will naturally leave your body for good.



Thanks for your feedback

Hi Hoover,

I have already practiced the EFT 5 times since your class from last Thursday. Now, I feel fully equipped to handle any negative thoughts that may arise.  I sleep better & I am more productive at work.

I feel so fortunate to have met you.  I cannot believe how much material you covered in 2 hours.  I think your class is crucial for every human being to attend.  I think it is so great that you should be teaching in a much larger conference/stadium setting so that you could reach more people. 

The world would be a better place with more well-adjusted, happier human beings!

Kathy Carmack

Dear Hoover

Thank you for showing me the way to peace. I am able to see my “thoughts” as nothing more than just thoughts. It totally changed my life and how I overcome problems and stress.

Please continue to share your wisdom with others.  To understand “thought” is not real, will truly make the world more beautiful and peaceful.

Thank you for what you had shown me. It really transformed my life. Thank you

Kenny AuYeung
Sincere Home Decor

Ever since I learned how to do tapping, it has became my best friend. It has cured my neck pain, tightness on my shoulder and colds. 

Tapping also helps me when I feel tired and frustrated about things. I share this with people I know so that they can be benefited from it. 

Thanks Hoover for teaching me all these wonderful things! I am so grateful! 

Cynthia Chan

Thanks Hoover for donating your own time to help by sharing what you have learned on the topic.  

I attended one of the sessions and it was amazing, just understanding some of the basic concepts and doing some of the exercises change one's daily life.

I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to have a better life.

Mao Wang
Director, Product Marketing
QuickLogic Corp.



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